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Why should I choose services of No. 1 Translation but not those of any other translation companies?

After you have read articles on the website and checked our process but you still ponder, you should try coming to No.Translation once to see our working method and translation quality, we are always willing to provide test translation from 1-2 pages of your document for quality review.
You can also read 8 reasons why customers should choose us: https://www.dichthuatso1.com/why choose e-clever/8 reasons why choose us.html
How are service fees calculated at No. 1 Translation?
We base ourselves on the following rules to offer the quotation, including: 
Specialized level of document: Not all translators can translate your document, we only assign the document to translators in right specialty to ensure translation quality. In the process of translation, we have met a lot of difficult documents in narrow speciality, only a sentence has to be revised by 8->10 specialists for the most accurate meaning. 
Format: checking and providing the same format as originals also take a lot of time. 
Term of delivery: for urgent documents, it is required to promptly perform, concentrate at a high degree and work overtime. 
Why are there various translation price levels in the market? 
This is a question made by many customers, we are pleased to answer:
No.1 Translation's quotation is offered after market survey by sales department and translation process balance by No. 1 Translation. We ensure that our price is competitive in the market, especially we want to emphasize translation quality. At No. 1 Translation, we apply a strict translation process, a perfect translation delivered to customer has gone through many steps, we make a commitment "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%" which cannot be found in other translation companies. This has asserted that our achieved success is through strict translation process application. 
Low quality translations completely have no value of use, causing serious misunderstanding to readers and listeners, customers are advised to not care about a small difference in translation price which can lead to serious mistakes in low quality translations.  
Now in the market, there are some translation companies that do not apply any translation processes, their translators have no distinction of any fields, undertaking any documents or even hiring translators as students. Therefore, you can know why price is low and how quality is with such translation.
For after-sales and customer care services, we always focus on the above matters to all customers of No. 1 Translation, our consultants and sales staff will satisfy the most fastidious customers. Small translation companies almost attach no importance to this matter.  
Can No. 1 Translation work with files in specialized formats?
Our viewpoint is "We use programs you use" to apply to your documents. 
With dominating strength in technology compared to other translation companies in the market, our specialists use from common programs such as Microsoft Office (Words, Excel, Visio, Project, PowerPoint), QuarkXpress, Adobe, Corel, Auto Cad,... to specialized programs in narrow specialties such as specialized software programs for programmers (Turbo C++, Zend, WampServer, .Net, NetBeans,..), Operating systems (Window, Windows Mobile, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Mac OS X,... )
Forms of transaction with No.1 Translation? 
To create favorable conditions for customers, we have created a simple, prompt and effective work process with customers. You can see at the link: https://www.dichthuatso1.com/Clients/work process.html Or Menu -> Customers -> Work Proces
How long does it take to get my translation completed? 
We apply Document Verification Process strictly, we always make a careful consideration before giving document completion time to customers. To be able to give document completion time, it is compulsory to base on many factors as follows: 
Target language 
• Specialty 
Format (normaly documents with complicated formats take more time) 
Quality requirement 
Completion time as required 
With a strict Vefification Process, we can meet deadlines up to 98% of projects. Delay is not allowed in our company. 
Can I make full payment after receipt of translation? 
Yes, the above matter is also a question made by many customers and our answer is that for translation or notarized translation documents of less than five 5 pages, customer can make full payment after receipt of translations and for translation or notarized translation documents of more than 5 pages, customers are requested to pay 30-50 % of total translation fee in advance. 
We always make effforts to simplify payment method and support customers as much as possible. If customers have any difficulties in payment, they can discuss this matter directly with sales staff.