Dành Cho Khách Hàng Doanh Nghiệp

To raise valuable rights to all customers who have been cooperating with No. 1 Translation in all aspects, No .1 Translation provides Special Cooperation Program to bring immediate and long term value with hope of furthering good relationship and providing more excellent services to customers: 

Special Cooperation Program is only for customers as Enterprises with unique and dominant rights in the market: 
  • Discount up to 15% of order against normal
  • Entitlement to special regulations on the best care and service priority
  • Priorized completion time of document, the ever fastest time in the market
  • 24h24h, 365-day support and translation in early morning or at night
  • Door to door delivery, 100% free of charge
  • 100% accurate quality
  • 100% refund if translation errors are over 10%
And a lot of excellent things more...
No. 1 Translation's staff shall fulfill total procedure, You only need to call the following numbers:  
(HN): 024.3784.2264 - (SG): hoặc (24/24) 0934.888.768.
Cooperation Program is 100% free, ensuring your right with only one phone call, registration number is limited, hurry up!