With the primary objective "For the sake of customers", No.1 Translation has constantly been inquisitve, creative and applied technology in translation with the desire to help customers to reduce time and cost. We should see how  No. 1 Translation implements this objective. 
1. 100% of projects meeting deadline 
We always understand that Time is gold and nothing can take back the lost time. Therefore, customers are able to use No. 1 Translation's time to save their costs and improve their business opportunities.
2. 100% of translations in standard format 
The translations are in standard format and similar to original documents so that customers can apply such documents in their work at once without spending time to correct and edit, our DTS (Destop Publishing) team is always ready to help the customers to correct and edit documents free of charge at any time with any requests.
3. Experience in more 90,000 translation projects 
After 6 years of experience, we have completed more than 50,000 translation projects and received customers' good feedback, compliments in various fields and with various types of data from the design, drawing to programming files as well as specialized system file, huge memories and diverse sample translations, customers can save 30% of cost and time in comparision with other translation companies. 
4. Competitive, transparent price without any implicit cost 
No.1 Translation always understands that it is difficult for a good service to approach customers if price is too high, we always strive for the objective "For the sake of customers", our price is competitive and transparent along with strict quality assuarance and control process, the customers are always recommended that they should not see on low price when making their choice because poor translation will make the cost become valueless. 
5. Notarized translation in 50 languages and 100 specialties 
Currently, most translation companies in the market do not provice sufficient languages to customers. Typically, they will outsource to other experienced companies like us. So why don't you use our services directly? No.1 Translation has had  years of experience with more than 1,500 translators, we will provide you with translation service for most laguages in the world.  
6. Leading and unique commitment in Vietnam "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%" 
This is the clearest evidence for our translation quality. Are your partners or companies providing translation service to you ready to commit as such? With clear translation quality assurance procedure and management applying translation technologies of leading translation companies in the world, we are confident to provide customers with committment which cannot be found in any other translation companies in the market. 
7. Support, consultancy and translation for customers in 24h/24h and 365 days
Do not hesitate any more, you are losing your business opportunities due to delay and language difference, we are the unique translation company in the market in providing translation and offering consultancy on translation service to customers in 24/24h . Now is 2 a.m, is the company working? Do not worry about that, we are willing to support you to translate documents and return the them at 4 a.m so that you can send such document to your partners and customers, "Time is gold, so you should not waste your time".