Chính Sách Hoàn Tiền
No. 1 Translation always tries its best to improve translation quality with leading commitments of quality assuarance and customers' interests, including refund policy.  


The following are regulations on refund policy of No.1 Translation: 

1. Conditions for refund
Customer cancels the unexecuted project: We shall refund 100% of initial payment if customer wants to cancel the project that has not been executed. In case the document is translated, customer must pay for finished volume.  
100% refund if translation errors are over 10%: When customer clearly indicates errors and document has been revised 3 times without accuracy. 
2. Time of refund and feedback 
All revision requirements will be performed in maximum time of 3 days upon receipt.  
Refund within 48h as sales staff confirms refund information to customer. 
Refund according to initial payment method, or No. 1 Translation's staff shall directly return to customer.
3. Subjects of application
Apply to all customers using No.1 Translation's services, including agents and partners. 
Not apply to revision of translated projects of customers 
4. Commitment
Handling and feedback time is prompt 
All issues involving translation quality are handled within 3 days. 
Refund requirements are performed promptly, accurately and strictly