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    Importance of medical document translation

    Medical document translation plays an important role in medical researches, medical equipment manuals, medical records, prescriptions, instructions for drug use, medical treatmennt documents to many individuals, health organizations, pharmaceutical enterprises, hospitals... 

    This is a difficult specialty, requiring high accuracy in every translation, because only a mistake can cause unforeseen consequences to the life of not only an individual but also a country. 

    Unique value No. 1 Translation brings to its customers

    Seizing the above demand, No. 1 Translation has successfully developed pharmaceutical-medical document translation process which is strictly controlled to ensure absolute accuracy to each medical document translation. We always put customers' interests first in our business guideline  with the commitment of "100% refund if translation errors are  over 10%"which cannot be found in any other translation companies. 

    For the last 6 years, No. 1 Translation has conducted over 27,000 projects of medical document translation and helped more than 3,500 customers as individuals, parmaceutical companies, large health organizations in Viet Nam and the world succeed in their projects. 

    We are proud of being one of leading translation service providers in Vietnam with highly qualified translators, enthusiastic consultants and thousands of collaborators as professors, doctors, pharmacists... who have extensive experience of working at medical research institutes, scientific research institutes and large health organizations. 

    No. 1 Translation is honored to be your reliable partner in providing the most professional and accurate language solutions in medical specialty.

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    Some main fields translated by No. 1 Translation :

    • Biotechnology 
    • Clinical research 
    • Health care 
    • Medical equipment 
    • Pharmacy 
    • Pathological reports 

    Typical customers: