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    Dịch chuyên ngành Tài liệu Giáo Dục, Đào tạo, Huấn luyện

    Viet Nam is in the process of the international-economic integration to the world, the extension of educational-cultural exchanges is increasingly paid special attention to. The demand  for broadening knowledge, approaching the world education through overseas study of the youth today is increasing and becomes an essential demand. 

    Translation of educational documents including textbooks, thesis reports, documents from foreign languages into Vietnamese to serve teaching, research, study comes into existence to meet the above demand and tends to increase strongly. 

    For the past 6 years, No. 1 Translation has implemented 9,000 successful translation projects of textbooks, doctoral candidates' reports, theses, significantly contributing to the development of many Vietnamese student generations. 

    With highly qualified translators and application of the world advanced translation technologies, we are confident that we have brought customers translations with accurate quality, time efficiency and optimal price. 

    Are you still worried about choosing a translation company for your projects? Please contact us, No. 1 Translation will bring you the most professional translation service and commits "100% refund if translation errors are over 10% " which cannot be obtained from any other translation companies. 

    Please contact us to get the most thorough consultancy! 

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    Educational fields implemented at No. 1 Translation:

    • Practical guide 
    • Textbook - Lesson plan 
    • Conference 
    • Thesis
    • Specialized training 
    • Professional training 

    Some educational documents translated by No. 1 Translation

    • Practical guide 
    • Training program development planning 
    • Specialized regulation 
    • Education conference programs
    • Teaching instructions 
    • Thesis 
    •  IT instructions 
    • Legal document systems 
    • Specialized training programs

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