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    A large-scale construction project consist of many management units: contractors for different items, consultants and supervisors. Therefore, the difficulty to be solved by each enterprise is how to unify languages among cooperative units to avoid misunderstanding which will affect project schedule. 

    Architecture-Construction translation helps contractors, consultants, engineers and architecturers grasp contents of technical drawings, bid documents, works supervision order to ensure construction schedule in every project. 

    A architecture-Construction document translation with no quality assurance shall result in many unfortunate consequences which will affect  safety of properties and people. 

    No. 1 Translation is one of leading companies in application of the world advanced translation tools to translation. Every year, we implement more than 5,000 architectural-construction translation projects, supporting over 1,500 customers to complete their bid documents, technical documents with accurate quality, time efficiency and reasonable price.

    With highly qualified translators, enthusiastic consultants and thousands of collaborators as engineers, architecturers who have experiences in construction supervision and design, No. 1 Translation is proud of being one of leading translation service providers in Viet Nam! 

    No 1 Translation confident to be your best choice! 

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    Architechture-Construction documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 
    •    Construction bid document.
    •    Drawing. 
    •    Construction statement. 
    •    Project estimate. 
    •    Hydraulic works document. 
    •    Structural engineering document. 

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