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    Game is a favourite entertainment activity of most young people across Viet Nam and in the world and that demand is increasing. 

    However, current suppliers now cannot satisfy both word quantity and quality in games because most games in Viet Nam are imported or assigned from foreign technological companies, it is difficult for local gamers in grasping and seizing control of games. 

    Game localization is an extremely important work in helping gamers quickly grasp plots, situations, requirements, missions and functions in the game.  Benefits from Game localization of No. 1 Translation are as follows:

    • Help gamers use Game proficiently, grasp Game's features quickly. 
    • Raise the numer of new gamers. 
    • Help technological companies introduce their games to potential target markets, not only in localities...

    Unique advantage at No. 1 Translation: 

    • Localize simple words, specilized terms. 
    • Be expert in native culture to choose adequate words in line with context and writting. 
    • Set up an environment for testing. 
    • Testers are natives, controlling Game content. 

    Game localization services at No. 1 Translation: 

    • Localization of plans and project management. 
    • Localization of  User interface 
    • Localization of End-user instruction and introduction documents. 
    • Localization of Game script. 
    • Localization of graphics.
    • Game voice-over and dubbing. 
    • Game test and quality assurance support. 

    Our Game localization services are greatly appreciated by top technological companies in Vietnam and they mark their importance in domestic game distributors. 

    We commit to provide you with the best services and reasonable costs.