No.1 Translation is the brand of No.1 Professional Translation Joint Stock Company, a company specializing in researching, developing and providing language services to customers all over the world.

Established since 2008, No.1 Professional Translation Joint Stock Company has undergone more than six years of formation and development. With the passionate, enthusiastic board of management and professional, devoted staff, No. Translation has always asserted itself as one of leading companies in Vietnam in provision of language solutions and become a close partner of many individual customers, small and big companies and multinational groups.
Main business lines
  • Provision of translation and notarization service: Translating multi-language, specialist documents with more than 50 languages and 100 different specialties.
  • Provision of interpreting service: Conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting.
  • Localization: Software, website, game….
  • Other media services: doing the voice-over, dubbing, subtitling
Staff and quality
We understand that quality has always been the first concern of customers. Thus, selection and training of highly qualified and professional staff are a precondition and strict requirement of No.1 Translation. This is also considered a core element for company development. Currently, 70% of our employees have bachelor’s degrees in foreign languages, 20% master’s degrees and 10% doctor’s degrees. In addition, we cooperate with many translators as native speakers for translation and edition of documents after translation.
More than 1,000 translators as domestic and foreign specialists and collaborators at No.1 Translation have good competence, extensive knowledge as well as creativeness in work to be able to provide translation service for almost all languages of countries in the world.
No. 1 Professional Translation is also a pioneer in application of most advanced translation technologies in the world such as Trados, Babylon, Wordfast… and strictly complies with standards in quality management systems like No.1 TMS – Translation Management System, No.1 LQA – Language Quality Assurance, No.1 ITS – Issue Tracking System, No.1 CRM – Customer Relationship Management. It is this application that helps customers to save over 30% of cost and time of document translation compared with that of other companies in the same field.
With constant efforts in the past years, No. 1 Translation has received prestigious awards such as “Top 5 best translation companies in Vietnam 2013” and “Top 5 leading translation companies in Vietnam” (according to ranking of Global GTA)…
Every year, there are over 10,000 customers as groups, companies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam and in the world using services of No.1 Translation, including 2,500 regular customers and this number keeps increasing.
As shown in results of “Internal survey and assessment system in 2011”:
  • More than 96% of customers used services and were satisfied with service quality of No. Translation 
  • 95% of customers proposed to use services in the near future 
  • 80% of customers were willing to introduce services to their friends and partners 
  • 98% of translation received good feedback from customers 
In 2014, No.1 Translation was honored:
  • To be the only service provider for Unilever International Group
  • To complete the Project: “Bay Mau Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant - Phase 2” for KOLON GLOBAL Company Limited
  • To win the bid for translation of document package “Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant” for Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group
  • To provide accurate translation of “Japanese Industrial Standards” for POSCO ICT Group (South Korea)
  • To be a partner providing translation service for many big groups such as Viettel, BIDV, METLIFE, PANASONIC....
With the passionate and connected board of management, a contingent of highly qualified, devoted and professional translators, No.1 Translation commits to always bring customers satisfaction through quality-assured translations and best after-sales services.