At No. 1 Translation, we always try our best to guarantee our commitments and "For the sake of customers" with the desire to  provide  customers with leading and unique translation service in Vietnam.

Distinction, Uniqueness and Customer Value have been the core to development of No .1 Translation brand for the last 6 years.

18 reasons and more, have helped us to be always No.1 Translation, always distinctive, unique and dominant compared with other translation companies in the market.

1. Is the only company during 6 years of operation providing the leading and unique commitment of "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%" in the market: Mostly copy and paste the same or similiar to No. 1 Translation to advertise and attract customers but never succeed in fact. 
2. Is one of few translation companies operated with over 6 years of experience.  Mostly operate in small scale and sporadically, only as translation centres with no specific legal form or are newly established, lacking management experience, customer services. 
3. Is the only company with professional office system in Ha Noi, Sai Gon and Da Nang, willing to support, serve customers in the entire country. Have not had such capacity. 
4. Is the only company applying professional quality control system: No.1 TMS (Translation Management System), No.1 LQA (Language Quality Assurance), No.1 ITS (Issue Tracking System), No.1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Have not had such capacity. 
5. Clearly releases Translation Procedure, Quality Assurance Procedure, Customer Rights, Detailed and Specific Service Standards to customers Have not had such capacity or any procedure. 
6. Aways provides 24h/24h support to customers, including evening, public holiday, Tet.  Have the same advertisement but never done due to having no key staff in charge.  
7. Is the only company performing "Free delivery" support to customers  Have the same advertisement but never done due to having no staff.
8. Posts up the quotation without any hidden costs.  Offer disodered quotations, each employee offering a different price, adding hidden costs for additional payment from customers afterwards. 
9. Has the "You are always No. 1 Customer" program including: No.1 Customers's Interests, No. 1 Quality, Lowest Cost in the Market.    Have not had such capacity or do not show interest in after-sales regimens to customers. 
10. Has 50 employees and 4000 freelancers.  Have not had such capacity.
11. Is the only company implementing synchronic application of the world top translation tools in the translation process such as: Wordsfast, Trados, TM Server, MemoQ,…which is useful to ensure the best quality.  

Only apply in a small scale and sporadically or do not use any software

12. Takes the ultimate responsibility for translated document to ensure the most accurate translation upon delivery to customers. .  Have not had such capacity or never revise translations for customers after translation
13. Has had the honour of serving 50,000 customers and carried out more than 90,000 small and big projects since 2008.  Have no such honour.
14. Is the only company and honored to be No. 1 Translation service provider trusted by a great number of top Vietnamese enterprises. See also...  Have no such honour.

15. Is the only company always implementing after-sales, promotion and tribute programs for customers on public holidays,Tet or company establishment anniversary. 

Have not had such capacity or nerver do

16. Is the only company bringing values to customers ever less than costs the customers have to pay. 

Have no such honour.
17. Is the only company which customers will  introduce their  friends, colleagues, relatives after using services Have no such honour.
18. Always consults, supports customers to extremely forcus on the customers' value and purpose of use in order to help them save possible maximum costs, translate and notarize documents with sufficient quantity.    Mostly offer advice to customers on performing or using their services as much as possible.