Every year, No. 1 Translation has an exclusive slogan to action chosen and considered by the leadership and the BOD in line with development strategy, economic situation as well as company's internal situation.   
Every slogan is the spirit of complete penetration to action, and significantly contributing to helping No. 1 Translation overcome difficult periods, maximizing its internal force in order to quickly seize opportunities and develop sustainably during the last time. 
Slogan 2015: "Worthy Services, Absolute Quality”
In 2015, No. 1 Translation shall maintain and develop creativeness for new successes as well as its motto that No. 1 Translation brand is the top company in providing professional translation service with perfect quality and the best commitments to customers.   
Year 2015 shall mark a year of great progress by application of advanced translation technologies for No.1 Translation's service optimization. 
Slogan 2014:“Farmer, Renovate or Die” 
The slogan with drastic characteristic shows members' personality in No. 1 Translation wishing to be challenged, adventurous and acknowledged their success.
Looking back the economy in 2013, a sombre year of the economy but brilliant pieces in an overall picture, No. 1 Translation's leadership forecasts that year 2014 would be a year in which Viet Nam economy would be gradually recovered keeping pace with the regional growth, nothing but the creativeness could bring the breakthrough, nothing but the creativeness could bring the success, whenever we stopped the creativeness, we would be behind the times and defeated in ourselves.
Year 2014 is a promising year to No. 1 Translation, a year in which No 1 translation keeps new market discovery, new technological research and development and ceaseless efforts for the best customer service with the motto of "No. 1 Customers' Interests; No. 1 Quality and Premier Costs".