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French is the global language used by 80 million people as the first language (mother tongue) and 190 million people as the second language and 200 million people as a foreign language, with a great number of users in 57 countries. 

If you are still worried about choosing a translation company, No.1 Translation is the best choice with our best commitments to customers: 

Multi-specialty,accurate French to Vietnamese Translation 

With the aim of bringing customers professionalism in service as well as in management method, No.1 Translation has classified standard French to Vietnamese translation service into different specialties to create professionalization in translation. Translation specialties that we provide include: translation of French for technology, business, economics, banking and finance and law, etc. 


Standard French to Vietnamese Translation, professional translation process help to save time with the lowest price 

Professionalism and accuracy in our delivery time have always been appreciated by customers for the past many years. We are almost possible to provide translation service right after receiving information from customers. Furthermore, we expect to take the lead in price in market with a desire of maximizing profits for customers. See also our French to Vietnamese translation quotation. 

Leading commitment: "100% refund if errors in French translation are over 10%" 

No. 1 Translation is the unique company in the market making commitment of 100% refund if errors in French translation are over 10%. With this commitment, we are confident of bringing customers best quality translations. 

We always have regulations and commitments in cases such as translation errors, delay in translation, mistakes in delivery and expressage or no translation demand in the shortest time  from customers. In addition, there are some other cases due to faults of No. 1 Translation, we will reimburse translation costs depending on each case. 

Besides, there are many other commitments to our customers: 

  • Deliver French translation documents free of charge nationwide
  • Provide thorough support to customers 24hours a day, 365 days a year, including public holidays and Tet holiday
  • Translation cost is always the lowest
  • Always have customer tribute, promotion programs
  • Commit to choose translation experts suitable to each translation project! 
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