You have demand for translating and notarizing Chinese documents: financial statement, economic contract, bidding document, visa, passport… or simply preparing email in Chinese to send to your partner, but you do not know which translation company you should choose to implement your project? Let No. Translation help you! 

Prestigious, accurate Chinese to Vietnamese Translation only at No.1 Translation 

More than 6 years of experience with mission of providing customers withthe most accurate Chinese translation service, from Chinese to Vietnamese and from Vietnamese to Chinese, we have received a lot of support , trust from domestic and foreign customers. With its leading commitments, No. 1 Translation always wishes to bring customers accurate translations  with the most perfect service quality in the current market.  

Multi-specialty Chinese to Vietnamese Translation 

As a leading translation company in the market, No. Translation always commits to select and train its staff to be both proficient in languages and knowledgeable about translation specialty, we are willing to bring accurate Chinese translations with translation specialties such as  translation of  Chinese for business, accounting , construction, etc. 

Chinese to Vietnamese Translation with the lowest price at No. 1 Translation 

Along with provision of accurate, quality-assured Chinese to Vietnamese translation service, No.1 Translation always wishes to optimize profits for customers. Therefore, we always commit to provide the best Chinese translation quotation to customers. 


Leading commitment of “100% refund if errors in Chinese translation are over 10%” is only found at No.1 Translation

No.1 Translation is the only translation company in the market making commitment of refund if errors in translation are over 10%. Therefore, customers can feel secure in their translation projects when cooperating with us. 

 Besides, there are many other commitments that we would like to offer: 


  • Deliver Chinese translation documents free of charge nationwide
  • Provide thorough support 24h/24h, 365 days a year including public holidays, Tet holiday
  • Always have customer tribute, promotion programs
  • Staff is professional, wholehearted and attentive. 

and a lot of attractive favors that customers can experience.

Please feel free to contact No.1 Translation for consultancy and best favors! 

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