Chinese has become one of the most popular languages in the world. It is ranked second after English and used not only in daily communication but also in economic exchange and cooperation. 

In Chinese, there are more than 10 dialects used, of which the common language (standard Mandarin Chinese) is one of 4 main languages used in Singapore, and traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau. As many countries use Chinese as a main language, the culture in each of those countries is different. Therefore, Chinese should be assessed as one of the most complicated and difficult languages for translation. 
In order to have an accurate Chinese translation compared to the original, translators are required to have a thorough knowledge of Chinese dialects. Besides, translators need to be knowledgeable about culture of China, culture of each Chinese-speaking country and especially specialty to be translated. 

Multi-specialty, accurate Chinese Translation at No. 1 Translation

No. 1 Translation is one of standard Chinese to Vietnamese translation service providers, applying advanced translation tools in the world. In addition to highly-qualified translators, we have also collaborated with language specialists and specialists in different sectors such as finance-banking, marketing, medicine- pharmacy, engineering, etc. to bring customers the best quality translations, saving time with the most optimal cost. 

With Chinese translators and interpreters in the entire country, No. 1 Translation is proud of providing  multi-specialty Chinese translation service: translation of Chinese for business, accounting , construction , finance, medicine, pharmacy, etc. 

Standard Chinese Translation with the lowest price

For many years of implementing many Chinese translation projects successfully for a variety of domestic and foreign enterprises, groups, we have accumulated extensive experience and established a Chinese translation data- memory system from trade, business to engineering to help our customers to be increasingly successful, removing language barriers to facilitate commercial intercourse and integration. 

From application of advanced translation technologies, we have helped customers to save a lot of costs and committed to provide the best Chinese translation quotation in the market. 

Commitment of "100% refund if errors in Chinese translation are over 10%" is only found at No. 1 Translation 

“Commitment of refund if errors in translation are over 100%” is only found at No.1 Translation, customers can feel secure when giving Chinese translation documents to us. In addition, there are many other commitments that we would like to offer to customers as a word of gratitude: 

  • Deliver Chinese translation documents free of charge nationwide.
  • Provide support, consultancy to customers 24h/24h, including public holidays and Tet holiday
  • Hold customer tribute, promotion programs regularly
  • Ensure deadline for returning Chinese translations, notarized documents
  • With a contingent of enthusiastic and professional consultants, we are willing provide the most thorough support to customers. 

If you are still worried about choosing a translation company for your project, No 1 Translation is your best choice. Please contact us right now to get the most thorough consultancy! 

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