Dịch Tiếng Việt sang Tiếng Anh

No.1 Translation is proud of being one of the top translation companies in providing the best Vietnamese English translation service to customers during 6 years.

We always try to bring perfect translations, ensuring accuracy with the most thorough and professional service to customers. 
At No. 1 Translation, we always focus on 3 leading criteria: "No. 1 Quality, No. 1 Customers' Interests, Lowest Cost in the Market" compared to what customers can receive. No 1 Translation provides top and professional Vietnamese English translation in the current market with the best commitments to customers: 
Perfect quality assurance of English translation
To ensure perfect quality of English translation , No. 1 Translation always recruits and trains devoted and professional staff in customer service.  We consist of 1,500 translators and more than 30 in-house translation specialists who have high speciality, awareness of fields. In addition, we cooperate with a lot of native translators for translation and edition of documents.   
Moreover, No. 1 Translation is one of pioneers in applying advanced translation technologies in the world such as Trados, Babylon, Wordfast…and strictly conplying with top quality management standards: 
  • No.1 TMS – Translation Management System 
  • No.1 LQA – Language Quality Assurance
  • No.1 ITS – Issue Tracking System 
  • No.1 CRM – Customer Relationship Management
Such outstanding advantages bring us the leading and unique quality commitment in Viet Nam "100% refund if translation errors are over 10% ". 
Optimization of English translation time 
No translation companies in the world can provide English translation service as fast as "No. 1 Translation", we optimize total processes in order to speed up and proceed your translation project at once, the processes are optimized but accurate.  
Unique experience advantage 
  • 6 years of experience and 50,000 completed English translation projects: 
  • Viet Nam top after-sales and customer service 
No. 1 Translation applies customer policy and care from top enterprises in the world, seeing regulations without skipping. How many translation companies in the market can provide excellent translation service with the leading commitment above? 
No. 1 Translation - The most accurate Vietnamese English translation!