Japanese is one of complicated languages used by more than 130 million people in Japan and Japanese emigrants in the world. This language is more outstanding than others due to strictness in etiquette, honorofic system in Japan. 


Accordingly, Japanese translation is assessed to be complicated. A standard Japanese to Vietnamese translation compared to the original requires a translator not only to have diverse Japanese vocabulary but also to be knowledgeable about Japanese culture and especially translation specialty. 

Multi-specialty, accurate Japanese Translation at No.1 Translation 

For more than six years, No.1 Translation has implemented a large number of Japanese translation projects successfully, supporting many domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations in economic exchange and cooperation. 

To ensure absolute quality of every Japanese to Vietnamese translation, we have always attached much importance to selection, training and development of highly-qualified staff. In addition, we have also collaborated with many translators as natives to translate and edit documents. Currently, 70% of our Japanese translators have bachelor’s degrees, 20% master’s degrees and 10% doctor’s degrees. They are all specialists and well-qualified collaborators with intensive knowledge in different translation fields and specialties.  

With the above factors, No. Translation provides multi-specialty translation service: translation of Japanese for business, accounting , engineering, finance, banking, tourism, health, etc. 


Standard Japanese translation with short returning time, free delivery and the lowest price 

Through many years of applying and integrating huge translation memory, No.1 Translation has helped customers to save more than 30% of translation costs and time compared to that of other companies in the same field in the market. No.1 Translation has also ensured the time of returning translations to customers as committed, up to 90% of translation meeting deadlines. 
With the desire of optimizing cost and increasing interests for customers, we have always taken the lead in translation price in the market with the best Japanese translation quotation for customers for the past 6 years. 

Especially, the leading commitment “100% refund if errors in Japanese translation are over 10%” can only be found at No.1 Translation

Apart from strictly following the translation process, No.1 Translation is also the unique company in the market to make commitment of refund to customers if errors in Japanese translation are over 10%. Therefore, customers can completely trust and feel secure when giving their documents to us. 

Furthermore, No.1 Translation always:

   - Has many customer tribute and promotion programs.

- Provides free and thorough support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including public holidays and Tet holiday.

- Offers thorough and best consultancy to customers. 

Please contact us righ now for the best quotation! 

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