HỆ THỐNG QUẢN LÝ QUAN HỆ KHÁCH HÀNG -  No1 CRM (No1 Customer Relationship Management)

No.1 Customer Relationship Management (No.1 CRM) is a method to help enterprises approach and communicate with their customers systematiclly and efficiently, manage customer's information such as account information, demand, contact and other matters for better  service. 

No. 1 CRM is built and developed in the form of a website system in which the overall objectives are to search, attract and obtain new customers' trust, maintain existing partners, lead former customers to come back, reduce marketing cost and extend customer services. At the same time, it is necessary to measure and assess customer relationship in the performance of strategic objective. 

No.1 CRM – Communicative tool between customers and staff of No. 1 Translation

No.1 CRM forms a communicative port between  customers and support staff of No.1 Translation, helping support staff to record feedback and new requirements from customers and customers are experienced a best consultancy and support service. Most requirements from our customers are handled within 24 working hours.

According to our periodical questionaires sent to customers every month and quarter, our service mark is 9.5/10 (According to service quality survey and rating system)

The following are outstanding features of No. 1 CRM:

  • Improve quality and efficiency in customer support and consultancy. 
  • Support customers to quickly make necessary decisions. 
  • Raise customer benefits. 
  • Promote and develop customer care strategies and marketing plans.
  • Manage customer information professionally. 
  • Promote service development.