HỆ THỐNG THEO DÕI THEO VẤN ĐỀ NO1 ITS (No1 Issue Tracking System)


No.1 Issue Tracking System is abbreviated as No.1 ITS. Mistake in service is unavoidable and no enterprise wants that to happen.  


Upon occurence of mistakes, our top priority is to correct them as soon as possible, we acknowlwdge that mistakes in translation will cause difficulties to customers, but how all information can be conveyed and updated constantly to customers? How will correction be carried out? And who will conduct such correction? 

Experiences in project execution help us to set up No. 1 ITS whose objectives are to optimize correction time of arising mistakes and help customers to constantly update their correction process. Just by a click, customers can know how their documents are corrected and who corrects such documents

Outstanding features of the system help us to remedy mistakes best as below: 

  • Optimize information exchange time between translator and customer suport employee.  
  • Update correction process.
  • Report mistakes to corrector in the shortest time. 
  • Save customer's issues and ensure not to make same mistake in the followng projects. 
  • Improve and enhance translation quality.