ĐẢM BẢO CHẤT LƯỢNG NGÔN NGỮ - No1 LQA (No1 Language Quality Assurance)


No1 Language Quality Assurance is referred to as No1 LQA

QA(Quality Assurance) is a process in which any service or product is performed before issued in the market. This is a step appreciated by No 1 Translation in the execution to ensure the most perfect service and product to the customers. 

But in the execution, we find that it is required a specific developing process but not only Check and Format after translation. 

LQA(Language Quality Assurance) but not Proofreading, LQA is a set of translation quality standards and deemed as a tool in order to perfect and accurate translation before delivery to the customers. 

No 1 Translation is a only company in Viet Nam applying LQA standards in the world. 

No1 LQA is programmed to ensure absolute quality applying all customer's documents, feel secure that your translation product is handovered to a professional agency for accurate translation.

Main purpose of No1 LQA is to check the translation in target language to ensure the accuracy and the consistency in current projects or following additional projects or other projects related.   

Before the beggining, LQA group makes a report of language quality and LQA standards in localization or translation project. All criterions are classified subject to the following quality assuarance items:  


  • Original document is correctly translated into target language, in accordance with local culture. 
  • Localized document is referenced in conformity of localized major, checked the localization by the natives and unified Translation Department. 
  • Specialized references are saved and used correctly. 


  • Comply with table of terms counted before or by the customer (if any), ensuring the consistency in and among translation departments. 
  • Use terms properly, correctly, using reference sources for accurate use to local culture. 

Language quality: 

  • Comply with standards and rules of syntax and grammar in target language. 
  • 100% of document without spelling mistakes. 


  • Comply with  standards and rules of document design and format required by No 1 Translation. 
  • Obey Customer's format instructions (if any). 

Local nationalization: 

  • Ensure translation products in line with local culture.