HỆ THỐNG QUẢN LÝ DỊCH THUẬT No1 TMS (No1 Translation Management System)

No.1 TMS (No.1 Translation Management System) is most focused on development and investment in our management system. Come into existence from 2008, the system has always been improved and perfected each day with the only objective of "Satisfying customer's demand with top translation quality".

From early days of establishment, we have focused on building and developing a professional and effective translation working environment. Currently, No. 1 Translation has more than 50 in-house employees and over 1,000 language specialists around the world.  All of them apply No.1-TMS working system.  

No.1 TMS – Best value of benefit for customers 

No.1 TMS is developed to help customers to directly interact with our project management division. All information is optmized and transmitted fastest to support customers to use services in the best way and remedy undesirable mistakes.  

No.1 TMS is closely combined with the use of Translation Memory, No.1 LQA, No.1 ITS. Customers do not have to pay fees for all existing words or paragraphs in our system. Normally customers will save more than 30% of costs compared to other translation companies.

That is the reason why No.1 TMS is superior to other translation management systems in the market, with the following advantages:  

  • Store project data, helping language specialists to share, communicate. 
  • Because everybody works on a same system according to set up and programmed process, using a same translation memory, there is no difference of words and sentences in translations after completion, reducing costs to the maximum. 
  • Manage translation contents. 
  • Access all files, projects in 24h 
  • Manage currently implemented translation projects to bring best support to customers.