Chính Sách Bảo Mật

We always put protection of customers' personal information first. This has a great significance to maintenance and development of the Company's  image and prestige.  

To provide customers with high quality and professional translation services and products, we have a close regulation on customers' information confidentiality.
Right after signing of labor contract, for the Company's staff, we clearly define that any information of the company or customers disclosed resulting in serious consequences shall be subject to applicable law. 
For the company's computers: We manage the Server and your documents are strictly controlled, documents are deleted from the server after 03 days if you have no query or complaint.  All documents after delivery to the customers are not stored in any form and not allowed to disclose to a third party under any circumstances.
We also define in the company regulation and apply to all staff members: Customer's documents and information are absolutely secured in accordance with security standard. When there is no customer's approval or authorization in writting or via email, staff members are not allowed to disclose any information to any third party that is not involved in operation or authorized. This third party is not limited to any representative, contact person, partner, employee or individual. 
No. 1 Translation only allows its staff, customers who need to know this information for operating, developing and improving our services. These indivduals are bound by confidentiality obligation and may be subject to discipline, including contract termination and criminal proceeding in case of incompliance.  
We also emphasize that we are very interested in your rights in personal information protection, so if you have any futher queries or suggestions related to our confidentiality, please  contact us via hotline: 0934.888.768
This confidentiality policy applies to all translation services and products which No 1 Translation provides!  
With development motto based on customer's trust, we commit to provide customers with the highest quality products and the most effecient and closest confidentiality!