Bộ Nhớ Dịch Thuật
Translation Memory (TM) is a tool to increase translation quality by reusing phrases, paragraphs translated in the past. This is a technology No. 1 Translation applies to store words, phrases in a database for reuse in your projects. 
No.1 TM - No. 1 Translation Memory
We use and maintain translation memory in almost all translation projects, we collect data from your translation projects to reuse in future projects. EC-TM is set up through years of experience in performing projects and standardly designed so as to be conformable to all projects. 
EC TM helps us to gain high efficiency and maintain standard quality stably in the performance of all projects at reasonable cost and necessary time. 
By using No. 1 TM, we can estimate accurately the work volume and time to be completed and make a plan for implementing translation project framework. 
Server – No.1 TM
Server – No. 1 TM helps our all translators to work on a unified TM tool and perform in No. 1 Translation's internal network. Through Server, translators can contribute, supplement their specialized terms, phrases, sentences in the process of  translation and reuse them in all projects and promote translation process at the fastest spreed while keeping consistency. .
No.1 TM – Save time, save money
No.1 Translation applies TM in almost all projects to support and bring customers the best translations in the market. The benefit of TM is to ensure high consistency in the translation and minmize processing cost (corresponding with discount price).  
No. 1 Translation stores a huge TM data collected and added through translation projects which have already been completed and are kept increasing daily. That helps us to bring customers the best translations at the lowest cost compared with that of other companies in the same field in the market.