Công Cụ Dịch Thuật
Now in the market, there are different translation tools to support completion of translation with the best quality and schedule. 
Therefore, applying translation tools to translation is a thing which any professional translation companies need, it is difficult to choose which translation tool? How to install and configure the tool in line with your specific project is the whole process which we need to think. 
At No.1 Translation, we choose and develop the best tools, conducting adjustment and reconfiguration so as to be suitable to quality control procedure and compatible with all translation projects with the only objective "Bringing customers the best translations with the shortest time and lowest cost" .
Translation tools in connection with our No. 1 TM (No. 1 Translation Memory) will calculate contents to be translated, contents  to be reused in detail to offer accurate completion time and optimal cost. 
See translation tools we regularly apply to translation projects: 
Translation tools: Trados, SDLX, Transit, DejaVu
Localization tools: Catalyst, Passolo, SDL Insight.
Website translation supporting tools: HTML, Web Editors, and Web QA tools.
Voice-over, subtitling, dubbing: Sound Recording Studio and Equipmen.
Choose translation service of No. 1 Translation, with our ability and mangament procedure, we will satisfy beyond your expextation from small documents to large projects, helping you to reduce cost and ensure the best quality for your whole document.