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As a leading company in Vietnam in interpreting and translation services, with cost index as customer's satisfaction and trust, No. 1 Translation has become a well-known brand to almost all customers.

With responsible, enthusiastic and professional translators and interpreters, No. 1 Translation provides not only professional translation but also the following demands to customers: accompanied interpretating, conference interpreting, simultaneuous many languages. 


In curent situation of globalization, the trend of cooperative exchanges among countries in the world is increasing, an interpreter is deemed as the right hand indispensable to many individuals and organizations from the authorities to private enterprises. Professional translator service (interpreter) in No. 1 Translation shall go along on your way to success! 

We are pleased to provide the following services: 

  • Consecutive interpreting: is a form that after the interpreter interprets into target language to the audience after the speaker concludes a passage of original language. This form is suitable for accompanied interpretating, commercial transaction, company event, specialist mission... 
  • Simultaneous interpreting: is a form that the interpreter often sits in a soudproof booth, listening the speaker by an earphone and interpreting into microphone, the interpreter has to perform simultaneous interpretating into target language while the speaker is speaking. This form is suitable for conferences, seminars, big events in corporations, governmental agencies. 
  • Whispered interpreting: is a form that is similar with simultaneous interpretation but the interpreter is required to sit next to a group of few audiences and interpretes in a low voice. 

No. 1 Translation provides multi-major, multi-language interpreters in competitive price, committed quality, maximum spreed and perfect service. 

Your satisfaction is our success.