Địa Phương Hóa Phần Mềm
No. 1 Translation is a translation company whose capacity and experience are determined through many translation projects of software localization, Vietnamizing computer software programs, especially Vietnamizing smartphone lines are growing promptly in current market.  
For example, regarding user interfaces of current smartphone lines, users are familiar with Vietnamese interface, but there are some inaccurately translated features. This makes friendliness to end-users affect. When software programs, inspite of being carefully designed and highly-valued, want to reach the global market, then language which is accurare and suitable to cultural customs of each country is really  a barrier to the success of a technology company in software business. 
We are able to help you more for more successes, not only translating languages correctly and obviously but also transmitting cultural customs and habits of the native. 
Benefits from Software Localization: 
Help software enterprises develop widely to foreign markets. 
Extend and satisfy a lot of new customers in the world. 
Raise profits from international sales firgure. 
Make competitive advantages compared to other competitors in the same sector. 
Why choose No. 1 Translation:
Experience advantage and professional project management, with consistent and close management method as of the commencement to ensure project's success. 
Experienced programmers, software specialistes through projects warrant localization and translation to not affect Source Code. There is the close test, check process to ensure good operation of software in target language. 
Software editors and translators are aware of major and end-user experiences. 
There is the professional multi-media system for clip, video, graphics localization with experienced technicians. 
Always update and apply the top localization analysis tools in the market. 
Specialized consultants and analysts always go along with customers for the best solutions on their right way from the start. 
Let's raise sales figure and develop your brand to the world. 
Hotline: 0934.888.768
Quality and Commitment: "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".