"In 5 years to come, we can only choose either to do business on the Internet or to do no business at all".
The above famous statement proves the importance of E-commerce, and the most important thing is the Website.  
To have a multi-language website appropriate to each region, each country brings a lot of advantages compared with websites that only have a common language such as English or Vietnamese. Transmission of your messages to customers in their culture and language will always make an unforgettable impression in target customers' mind, showing your professionalism and dominance...
No. 1 Translation understands this thoroughly because we have helped a lot of enterprises to localize their websites in one or many different languages and gained unexpected successes and utilized search tools in the native's own language. 
We always ensure quality of translation and understand thoroughly the native's culture and language to create the highest efficiency for a website. 
Localizaion service of No. 1 Translation is not just Translation, you should see what we can do for you: 
  1. Choose translators with right specialties and thorough knowledge of native culture for website translation
  2. Simplify technical and specilaized terms. 
  3. Edit the content, reduce unnecessary contents
  4. At least 5 natives will be involved in checking the content
  5. Programmer must ensure not to touch the source code of the system
  6. Set up a virtual environment for website running test in which the customers can check
Beside professonal knowledge in language, our translators are expert in fields which you need to translate such as marketing, commerce, product, etc. to help the information on your website to be a real channel of communication or sale.  
Almost no Vietnamese company can provide you this. This is simply because we are No. 1 Translation.
Let's increase your sales figures and bring your brand to the world!  
Hotline: 0934.888.768
Quality and Commitment: "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".