Dịch Thuật Sách báo

Quoting M.Goroki's statement: "Love books, they are a source of knowledge, only knowledge is the live way". 

The book is one of great inventions and the most valuable properties to humanity in the awareness about nature and laws of society.  

The book stores and spreads knowledge, be both a teacher and a friend, cultivates the soul, tempers skill and spirit and also advises, shares happiness and sadness, assists dreams, aspiration and passion. Sharing and spreading works of foreign book and bringing knowledge from the huge knowledge treasure in the world in Viet Nam is a extremely important thing, that shall depend on Book translation. 

No. 1 Translation is the professional book translation company to individuals and enterprises with commitment of the most competitive time and price. 

If you intend to translate the book into all languages, choose us for the following reasons: 

Professional Book Translator - Having a profound understanding of specialities 

The process of book translation is always taken care of each sentence, each word thoroughly to transmit book contents to readers and listeners correctly without any misunderstanding, ambiguity and mistake.  

We acknowledge that the quality is the leading interest of the customers, we commit to recruit real specialists according to the major to your project. With specialists in many languages, you can absolutely feel secure in cooperation with us. The translations will have the highest quality upon delivery. If your Book documents are special and exclusive, we can also find out specialists who are able to undertake the translations well. 

 Quality Assuarance Process

Quy Project Management Process

The above process is planned and abided to all translations. Each paragraph in the translation is thoroughly checked to ensure the accuracy to the whole translation.  

 Deadline assuarance as committed

No 1 Translation engages the customers about translation's term, we have got positive feedback and praises from the customers used our services, we assume responsibility for the accuracy in cooperation with the customers. The accuracy of quality and time in every translation helps us have a strong attachment to the current customers and be sure ourselves to satisfy furture customers.  

Optimal Cost

No. 1 Translation always takes the lead in price with hope of making maximum profit and the lowest costs to customers! 

Please feel free to contact us to get the best support! 

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