Dịch Thuật Đa Ngôn Ngữ

No. 1 Translation is the only translation company providing full translation services of 50 languages and more than 100 common specialties. You are no longer worried about translating documents, papers related to different languages.    

No. 1 Translation is the company providing full translation services from uncommon language services in the market to less common languages such as
  • Asia: Burmese, Indian, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Chinese and Demotic script.
  • Europe: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Greek, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Danish, Turkish... 
  • Africa: Nil-Sahara, Bantu, Fulani, Wolof, Serer, Dyola,Temne, Kissi, Gola,...
Multi-language advantages only found at No. 1 Translation : 
  • Our multi-language competence is beyond your imagination.
  • Translators are natives with intensive knowledge and in right specialties. 
  • Interact with all formats, file and data types. 
  • Be willing to provide  24h/24h support to customers. 
  • Answer language questions free of charge. 

Free translation test ==> Checking of translation quality: 

  • We are willing to provide test translation from 1-3 pages free of charge. 
Translation service of No. 1 Translation has ensured the quality in many fields from advertising, engineering, business to law, document forms (legal documents with judiciary notarization): bid document, project document, decisions on project licensing, documents, papers for office and school...
See more our translation languages: 
  1. English Translation
  2. Chinese Translation
  3. Japanese Translation
  4. Korean Translation
  5. French Translation
  6. German Translation
  7.  Russian Translation
  8. Thai Translation
  9. Laotian Translation
  10. Campodian Translation
  11. Portugese Translation
  12. Spanish Translation
  13. Arabic Translation
  14. Finnish Translation
  15. Italian Translation
  16. Bulgarian Translation
  17. Polish Translation
  18. Czech Translation
  19. Swedish Translation
  20. Filipino Translation
  21. Indonesian Translation
  22. Malaysian Translation
  23. Dutch Translation
  24. Burmese Translation
  25. Mongolian Translation
  26. Ukrainian Translation
  27. Danish Translation
  28. Rumanian Translation
  29. Nowegian Translation
  30. Turkish Translation 
  31. Slovak Translation
  32. Hungarian Translation