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Notarized translation is the process of transliteration of documents with legal seal of district authorities into a target language subject to customer's demand and certified accurate translation compared to the origin by such authorities (Governmental notary). 
The global integration has opened a lot of business opportunities between Viet Nam and the world in all fields: Economics, education, technology...At the same time, notarized translation demand has been appreciated by individuals, enterprises and organizations in the process of participation in the world business activities. 
Big cities such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon), Da Nang are big cultural exchange and economic centers having a great number of accurate and objective legal translations in accordance with the law, thus orienting the most accurately and objectively legal translation service based on translation level and the understanding of Viet Nam and international law is currently an urgent need.
No. 1 Translation - Professional and reliable legal translation in Ha Noi 
Seizing customers' demand, No.1 Translation is found and become one of  top companies in Viet Nam in providing conscientious and professional legal translation services, serving thousands of domestic and international customers. 
Multi-language legal translation in Ha Noi 
We specialize in legal translation to the following documents: Corporate qualifications, company profile to foreign partner, overseas studying document, some passports, visa, economic contracts...personal papers: ID card, passport, family record book, birth certificate, academic transcript, Graduation  certificate, marriage certificate...under 50 languages and 100 different fields. 
From common languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean...to less used languages: Thai, Danish, Arabic, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish, Campodian, Indonesian, Malaysian...All legal translations and documents are certified by legal authorities that are accurate compared to the originals and within notarized seal attached. 
Professional translator in Ha Noi 
Understanding that quality has always been a top concern of customers, so recruitment and training of devoted and qualified satff is the top priority of No. 1 Translation.
Our translators in Ha Noi are leading specialists, including 70% of language bachelors, 20% of masters and 10% of doctors who are highly qualified, experts in languages, aware of translation major and creative in the job. You are able to trust our high quality and reliable translation service implicitly.
Deadline assuarance as committed and optimal cost 
In many years of performance, huge memories and high-tech applications have helped customers save more 30% of time and cost in document translation in comparison with companies in the same field. At the same time, close management system and translation process help No. 1 Translation warrant 98% of documents delivered to customers on schedule. 
Besides notarized translation service, No. 1 Translation also provides other services: interpreting in Ha Noi, visa, consultancy and overseas study document...
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Quality and Commitment: "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".