Dịch Thuật Chuyên Ngành

Translation has implied many challenges due to differences of language and culture which formed each language; translation of specialized documents like medical document, construction document...is more difficult. Besides general barriers in translation, specialized translation sometimes requires a translator to be not only a translation specialist but also a specialist in certain fields such as medical specialist, financial specialist...or to be supported by specialists in the same field. 

Realizing that, we have established data from many specialized translation projects to develop translation method, strategy, procedure in order to deal with potential and thorny issues in specialized translation. In addition, we also have procedure for actual translation organization according to every project, including organization of field survey to ensure accuracy of translation. 
With leading translation specialists and collaborators as specialists in different fields such as technological science, research science,
petroleum, public health, medicine, biochemitry, culture, social affairs, commerce, economics, finance, enterprise, law, tourism, construction (bidding document, pre-feasibility and feasibility projects...) agriculture, forestry and fishery, mechanics, geology, banking, IT, electronics and telecommunication, etc, we are able  to provide the best specialized translation service as possible. 
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Quality and Commitment: "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%". 
Our ability ensures accurate transmission and readability to specialized translations with high difficulty in various languages, from English into Vietnamese, from Vietnamese into English, Japanese, Lorean, German, French, Malaysian...Our customers consist of hospitals, construction companies, foreign organizations. 
“We have helped a lot of multinational companies such as Acer, Coca - Cola, Yamaha, Viet Nam Ford, Viet Nam GM,... to localize their brands to the natives. Thinking about translation is thinking about No.1 Translation.”. Translation specialties at No. 1 Translation: 
Translation of medical documents is always difficult and requires high accuracy in profession, thus only people in medical field are able to understand and translate such documents. No. 1 Translation is sure of itself to provide the most accurate translation service of medical documents with translators in the same field. They are language specialists working in the medical and pharmaceutical field or pharmacists with translation capacity to provide us rough translations, then such translations will be completed by our language specialists. 
Technical documents always require the highest accuracy, correct understanding of specialized terms and some related technical regulations and processes. Translating user manuals, instructions is easier due to clear transmissibility in originals. 
In addition, we also apply professional image processing software and modern IT to ensure image and text in accordance with the original. Therefore, customer's translation is secured in translation quality, printout and aestheticism. 
Marketing always plays an important role in the growth of every organization, company, corporation or the development of any product line or brand. To avoid impacts of language barrier on marketing and to make good impression on foreign partners, you need professionalism in marketing and languages to transmit marketing messages, we help you to have accurate, lively and high quality translations!  
Like marketing, financial information opportunely updated through various languages is also very important in keeping stability in production and business activities of companies with foreign elements.
Our translators specialized in law field are language specialists having knowledge and awareness of Vietnam law and international law, this ensures translation's accuracy requring a lot of specific specialized knowledge.