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Dịch Thuật Chuyên Ngành Môi Trường

Environmental Document Translation plays an important role in research of environmental science, natural resources, climate change, waste treatment process... 

This is a large speccialty with many complicated terms which require translators to have extensive specialized knowledge of climate,  geography, environment and natural resources so that they can communicate the most accurate contents to readers. 

A mistake in translation can cause major effects on environmental reports, research projects which are widely published throughout the world. Therefore, individuals, organizations are advised to choose experienced translation companies for translation of their documents.   

No. 1 Translation is one of companies providing professional translation service of environmental documents. With 5,000 successully implemented projects in the last six years, we have supported more than 200 enterprises, organizations to complete their environmental research reports with highest quality, shortest time and most reasonable price and committed "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".

With a contingent of translators who have extensive experience and profound knowledge of law, No. 1 Translation is confident to be your best choice. No. 1 Translation provides translation service of environmetal engineering documents with translators who are highly qualified in both languages and environmental engineering. For the last six years,  we have provided translation service to a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and got a lot of support and trust from customers. You should choose No. 1 Translation for your following projects! 

Environmental documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 

  • Environmental protection 
  • Waste  
  • Climate change 
  • Irrigation and hydroelectric power
  • People's livehood 
  • Environmental law 
  • Geology 
  • Environmental engineering 

Typical customers: 

  • Tran Nguyen Environmental Technology Ltd., Co 
  • International Environment Company
  • Viet Nam Publishing House of Natural Resources, Environment and Cartography
  • Viet Nam Environment Administration
  • Vn Green Environment Joint Stock Company
  • Metan - Ho Chi Minh City Office
  • ......


Dịch chuyên ngành Tài liệu Giáo Dục, Đào tạo, Huấn luyện

Viet Nam is in the process of the international-economic integration to the world, the extension of educational-cultural exchanges is increasingly paid special attention to. The demand  for broadening knowledge, approaching the world education through overseas study of the youth today is increasing and becomes an essential demand. 

Translation of educational documents including textbooks, thesis reports, documents from foreign languages into Vietnamese to serve teaching, research, study comes into existence to meet the above demand and tends to increase strongly. 

For the past 6 years, No. 1 Translation has implemented 9,000 successful translation projects of textbooks, doctoral candidates' reports, theses, significantly contributing to the development of many Vietnamese student generations. 

With highly qualified translators and application of the world advanced translation technologies, we are confident that we have brought customers translations with accurate quality, time efficiency and optimal price. 

Are you still worried about choosing a translation company for your projects? Please contact us, No. 1 Translation will bring you the most professional translation service and commits "100% refund if translation errors are over 10% " which cannot be obtained from any other translation companies. 

Please contact us to get the most thorough consultancy! 

Hotline: 0934.888.768

Educational fields implemented at No. 1 Translation:

  • Practical guide 
  • Textbook - Lesson plan 
  • Conference 
  • Thesis
  • Specialized training 
  • Professional training 

Some educational documents translated by No. 1 Translation

  • Practical guide 
  • Training program development planning 
  • Specialized regulation 
  • Education conference programs
  • Teaching instructions 
  • Thesis 
  •  IT instructions 
  • Legal document systems 
  • Specialized training programs

Typical customers: 

Dịch Thuật Chuyên Ngành Kỹ Thuật - Sản Xuất

When putting into operation, each imported production line requires precise and detailed instructions for implementation steps. And a wrongly processed or improperly operated part can lead to suspension of the entire factory, causing serious consequences and losses to enterprise.   

Therefore, technical manual must be translated in manufacturer's language and ensured accuracy. 

Translation of engineering- manufacturing documents is diffcult. This requires a precise understanding from translators to translate technical criteria and specifications. To ensure accuracy of translation, enterprises should only choose professional and reliable translation companies to implement their projects. 

No. 1 Translation is one of leading companies in Vietnam in providing translation service of engineering documents with its committment of "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%" and focuses on 3 criteria "No. 1 Customers' Interests, No. 1 Quality and Lowest price in the Market.

Annually, with more than 5,800 projects of engineering document translation, No.1 Translation has helped over 3,000 enterprises succeed, asserting their brands in the market. We are proud of highly qualified translators, No. 1 Translation is the best choice for customers.

Please let us go along with your following projects! 

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Engineering - manufacturing documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Automated system 
  • Automobile  
  • Engineering 
  • Construction and heavy machines 
  • Electrical instrument and safety equipment 
  • CMS, Product and manual 
  • Technical drawing (design and manufacturing)
  • Technical document 

Typical customers:

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Dịch chuyên ngành Tài liệu Công nghệ thông tin

 Why is IT document translation important? 

Facing rapid and hourly changing development of  Information Technology (IT), each individual, enterprise, organization operating in this field needs to resort to prompt thinking, reading comprehension ability of specialized documents to grasp the latest technologies in the world. 

Dịch chuyên ngành: Tài liệu Y tế, Dược phẩm

Importance of medical document translation

Medical document translation plays an important role in medical researches, medical equipment manuals, medical records, prescriptions, instructions for drug use, medical treatmennt documents to many individuals, health organizations, pharmaceutical enterprises, hospitals... 

This is a difficult specialty, requiring high accuracy in every translation, because only a mistake can cause unforeseen consequences to the life of not only an individual but also a country. 

Unique value No. 1 Translation brings to its customers

Seizing the above demand, No. 1 Translation has successfully developed pharmaceutical-medical document translation process which is strictly controlled to ensure absolute accuracy to each medical document translation. We always put customers' interests first in our business guideline  with the commitment of "100% refund if translation errors are  over 10%" which cannot be found in any other translation companies. 

For the last 6 years, No. 1 Translation has conducted over 27,000 projects of medical document translation and helped more than 3,500 customers as individuals, parmaceutical companies, large health organizations in Viet Nam and the world succeed in their projects. 

We are proud of being one of leading translation service providers in Vietnam with highly qualified translators, enthusiastic consultants and thousands of collaborators as professors, doctors, pharmacists... who have extensive experience of working at medical research institutes, scientific research institutes and large health organizations. 

No. 1 Translation is honored to be your reliable partner in providing the most professional and accurate language solutions in medical specialty.

Hotline: 0934.888.768

Some main fields translated by No. 1 Translation :

  • Biotechnology 
  • Clinical research 
  • Health care 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Pathological reports 

Typical customers:



Dịch Thuật Chuyên Ngành Xây Dựng - Kiến Trúc

A large-scale construction project consist of many management units: contractors for different items, consultants and supervisors. Therefore, the difficulty to be solved by each enterprise is how to unify languages among cooperative units to avoid misunderstanding which will affect project schedule. 

Architecture-Construction translation helps contractors, consultants, engineers and architecturers grasp contents of technical drawings, bid documents, works supervision order to ensure construction schedule in every project. 

A architecture-Construction document translation with no quality assurance shall result in many unfortunate consequences which will affect  safety of properties and people. 

No. 1 Translation is one of leading companies in application of the world advanced translation tools to translation. Every year, we implement more than 5,000 architectural-construction translation projects, supporting over 1,500 customers to complete their bid documents, technical documents with accurate quality, time efficiency and reasonable price.

With highly qualified translators, enthusiastic consultants and thousands of collaborators as engineers, architecturers who have experiences in construction supervision and design, No. 1 Translation is proud of being one of leading translation service providers in Viet Nam! 

No 1 Translation confident to be your best choice! 

Hotline: 0934.888.768

Architechture-Construction documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 
•    Construction bid document.
•    Drawing. 
•    Construction statement. 
•    Project estimate. 
•    Hydraulic works document. 
•    Structural engineering document. 

Typical customers: