Dịch Thuật Chuyên Ngành Hóa Chất
Chemical industry plays a vital role in technical economy of a country. Viet Nam is in the process of the global integration, the demand for chemical materials as well as update of advanced technologies and production lines in the world is increasing. 
As a result, in technology transfer, chemical documents are required language accuracy so that manufacters can approach the world technologies. 
What happen if a chemical translation is not assured in quality ? Let No. 1 Translation answer this question.  
Over 6 years of constant efforts together with leading commitments to customers, we have successfully conducted thousands of chemical document translation, helping a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations to gain many new achievements in the  technical economy of Vietnam. 
Experienced translators 
We acknowledge that the quality is always a top concern of customers, because only a mistake in a translation can result in serious damages to the enterprise. Therefore, we always select the most exellent specialists to implement your projects.
With a contingent of more than 1,500 specialists, including 100% of languge bachelors, 20% of masters and 10% of doctors who are experienced and creative in their work, we are confident to assure the accuracy in evey translation. 
Quality Assuarance Process 
No. 1 Translation applie advanced translation supporting technologies in the world such as Trados, Babylon, Wordfast…In addition, we strictly comply with standards of top  quality control systems such as No.1 TMS – Translation Management System, No.1 LQA – Language Quality Assurance, No.1 ITS – Issue Tracking System, No.1 CRM – Customer Relationship Management and many patents, domestic techology copyright, especially related to language processing, confidentialty, recognition technologies and many other basic technologies for project quality and schedule.
Deadline assuarance and optimal cost commitment 
Over many years of applying high technologies and huge translation memories, we have helped customers to save more than 30% of time and cost in document translation in comparison with other companies in the same field. At the same time, close translation process and maagement system help No. 1 Translation to ensure that 98% of translations are delivered to customers on schedule.  
Information confidentiality 
With each project of chemical document translation, the confidentiality is always put first for "No. 1 Customers' Interests" and assurance of absolute trust given to us. 
List of typical customers:
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Hotline: 0934.888.768
Quality and commitment: "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".