Dịch chuyên ngành Tài liệu Điện tử, Viễn thông

For many past years, electronics-telecommunication sector in Viet Nam has undergone dramatic changes and played a very important role in socio-economic development. 

Electronics -Telecommunication is a large specialty with many abstract terms. This requires translators to have a thorough knowledge in order to ensure accuracy in translation. Each mistake in translation will result in misunderstanding, variation in technological processes...causing serious losses to enterprises.  

No. 1 Translation, a successful key to Electronics -Telecommunication 

No. 1 Translation is one of high quality translation service providers. Every year, we implement more than 3,000 successful translation projects of electronics- telecommunication documents with good quality, ensuring accuracy and helping 1,300 enterprises update a lot of important information in the electronics-telecommunication sector development in Viet Nam. 

Focusing on 3 leading business criteria: “No. 1 Customers' Benefits, No. 1 Quality and Lowest Price in the Market" with commitment of "100% refund if translation errors are  over 10%” which cannot be found in any other translation companies. 

For the last 6 years, No.1 Translation has always received trust from customers. We are proud of being the best translation service provider for your projects.

Some electronics-telecommunication documents translated by No. 1 Translation:

  • Telecommunication economics 
  • Telecommunication engineering 
  • Network 
  • Signal 
  • Communication 
  • Cable

Typical customers: