Dịch Thuật Chuyên Ngành Môi Trường

Environmental Document Translation plays an important role in research of environmental science, natural resources, climate change, waste treatment process... 

This is a large speccialty with many complicated terms which require translators to have extensive specialized knowledge of climate,  geography, environment and natural resources so that they can communicate the most accurate contents to readers. 

A mistake in translation can cause major effects on environmental reports, research projects which are widely published throughout the world. Therefore, individuals, organizations are advised to choose experienced translation companies for translation of their documents.   

No. 1 Translation is one of companies providing professional translation service of environmental documents. With 5,000 successully implemented projects in the last six years, we have supported more than 200 enterprises, organizations to complete their environmental research reports with highest quality, shortest time and most reasonable price and committed "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".

With a contingent of translators who have extensive experience and profound knowledge of law, No. 1 Translation is confident to be your best choice. No. 1 Translation provides translation service of environmetal engineering documents with translators who are highly qualified in both languages and environmental engineering. For the last six years,  we have provided translation service to a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and got a lot of support and trust from customers. You should choose No. 1 Translation for your following projects! 

Environmental documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 

  • Environmental protection 
  • Waste  
  • Climate change 
  • Irrigation and hydroelectric power
  • People's livehood 
  • Environmental law 
  • Geology 
  • Environmental engineering 

Typical customers: 

  • Tran Nguyen Environmental Technology Ltd., Co 
  • International Environment Company
  • Viet Nam Publishing House of Natural Resources, Environment and Cartography
  • Viet Nam Environment Administration
  • Vn Green Environment Joint Stock Company
  • Metan - Ho Chi Minh City Office
  • ......