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Why is Finance-Banking translation important? 
Finance- banking is a diverse and profound field. It has long had an intimate role in controlling other important economic sectors. In the current global economy, Finance - Banking field is increasingly developed and holds an extremely important position. 

Release of financial information and constinuous updating of the world financial development trends in various language forms are a premise and an important decisive factor in helping enterprises to perform financial planning, determine the global development lines in their future. 

What happen if Financial Statements for publication to shareholders, customers and media companies are incorrectly translated? 
What can No. 1 Translation do to help customers?

Translation of Finance-Banking documents requires accuracy of specialized terms and data, homogeneity of specialized contents which cannot be implemented by all translation companies.

Quality assurance of Finance - Banking translation is one of important factors in deciding success and you should only choose experienced translation companies for translation.  
Every year, we  carry out over 3,000 translation projects in Finance - Banking, helping more than 600 customers to be successful. 
Some types of  Finance - Banking documents have been translated by No.1 Translation: 
  • Asset Management & Investments
  • Banking & Corporate Finance
  • Business & Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
No. 1 Translation provides the high quality translation service of Finance-Banking documents only in Vietnam. We do not just talk like other companies but assure quality for customers by leading commitments which can only found at No.1 Translation: 
  • “100% refund if translation errors are over 10% ”
  • “Program of No. 1 Customers' Interests, No. 1 Quality and Lowest Cost in the Market”. More detail
With a contigent of experienced translators who have a thorough knowledge of finance -banking, No.1 Translation is pround of being one of leading translation companies in Vietnam in providing the fastest, most accurate and professional translation service in finance-banking field. 
Typical customers of No. 1 Translation: 
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Quality and Commitment: "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".