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 Why is IT document translation important? 

Facing rapid and hourly changing development of  Information Technology (IT), each individual, enterprise, organization operating in this field needs to resort to prompt thinking, reading comprehension ability of specialized documents to grasp the latest technologies in the world. 

However, in reading and study of IT documents, there is a common situation of incorrect term translation which leads to misunderstanding, causing serious consequences to performance results of enterprises, organizations. 

IT is a difficult specialty to translate. This requires translators to have a thorough knowledge of terms to guarantee accuracy of translation, avoiding unexpected losses to enterprises.

Therefore, a professional translation company will help enterprises to remove errors in their translations.  

What requirements does No .1 Translation satisfy its customers? 

Over 6 years of development, No. 1 Translation has provided package translation solution to technological products which help enterprises to save more than 30% of costs when launching products to the market. 

Up to now, No. 1 Translation has implemented more than 19,000 IT document translation projects with accurate quality, time efficiency and reasonable price and helped  more than 7,500 enterprises succeed in socio-economic development. 

Let No. 1 Translation bring the global technology to your arm's reach! 

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IT documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 

  • Software 
  • Hardware 
  • Game
  • Mobile
  • Database 

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