Dịch chuyên ngành Tài liệu Luật pháp, Hành chính

Law plays a very important role to every country, every economy in the world. Law helps not only stalilize every country but also control the economy for country's development. 

Legal-administrative document translation has strict requirements in accuracy. This requires translators to not only be highly qualified in languages but also have a thorough knowledge of law so as to be able to accuracy in translation contents. A mistake in legal document translation is likely to cause misunderstanding, ineffectiveness, delay and big loss. 

To ensure absolute accuracy in every translation to avoid unexpected losses, enterprises should only choose professional translation companies to implement their projects. 

No. 1 Translation is one of leading providers of legal-administrative document translation service in Vietnam. Over 6 years with 90,000 successful projects, we have helped thousands of enterprises, organizations complete their legal documents with the most accurate quality, shortest time and the most reasonable price. In addition, we have always had the committment "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%". 

With a contigent of translators who have extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of law, No. 1 Translation is confident to be your best choice.

Hotline: 0934.888.768

Typical legal-administrative documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 

  • Antitrust procedure 
  • Banking action 
  • Commercial proceedings 
  • Complex action  
  • Construction Law 
  • Activities of every kind of customers 
  • Corporate procedure 
  • Environmental aw 
  • Export control 
  • Financial services

Typical clients: