Dịch Tài Liệu Marketing - Quảng Cáo

Marketing is an integral part and serves as a link between enterprises and target customers in product introduction and promotion. Marketing is a large field including a variety of specialized terms in product, market, target customers, advertising...

Therefore, for marketing document translation, translators need to be accurate in language, have thorough specialized knowledge to be able to transmit full communication message to target customers. 

To ensure quality in marketing document translation, you should choose experienced translation companies to implement your projects. 

No. 1 Translation is one of leading translation companies in Viet Nam in providing the most professional, fastest and most accurate translation service of marketing documents with the following quality committments to customers: 

“100% refund if translation errors are over 10%".

At No. 1 Translation, we always focus on leading criteria: "No. 1 Customers' Interests; Lowest Price in the Market "

With more than 3,600 implemented marketing translation projects, helping over 2,000 enterprises to be succesul in their marketing campaign each year, No. 1 Translation has received a lot of trust from domestic and foreign customers.

Some marketing documents translated by No. Translation:

  • Communication document. 
  • Company profile.
  • Communication schedule. 
  • Project document statement. 
  • Market research document. 
  • Distribution channel management document. 
  • Media document. 
  • Brand schedule document. 
  • PR document. 
  • Sales instructions. 
  • Brand identification.
  • Conference document. 

Typical customers: