Dịch Thuật Tài Liệu Khoa Học

Viet Nam in the process of the global integration has created opportunities of study and exchange for domestic students to approach the world advanced education by attending international standard training sources without overseas study costs.

Therefore, demand for translation of scientific research reports - master's theses, doctor's theses - graduation projects, graduation topics for  information is increasingly high. 

Translation of scientific reports, master's theses, doctor's theses...requires translators to be highly qualified, have a thorough knowledge of every field and be proficient in langguages. A mistake in every translation can affect quality and accuracy of report. 

No.1 Translation is one of professional and highly prestigious companies in providing translalation service of scientific documents such as graduation project, graduation thesis, master's thesis, etc.  For the past six years, we have implemented more than 6,500 successful projects, supporting more than 700 customers to complete their scientific reports with accurate quality, fast time and reasonable cost. 

With a contigent of highly qualified translations who have attended undergraduate and graduate courses in Viet Nam and other countries in fields such as finance, banking and marketing, ect, No. Translation is confident to be your best choice. 

Commitment of "100% refund if translation errors are over 10%". 

Please contact us to get the most enthusiastic consultancy, the fastest and most accurate translation service!

Some typical documents translated by No. 1 Translation: 

  • Scientific report 
  • Scientific research 
  • Master's thesis and doctor's thesis 

Typical customers:

  • University of Social Sciences and Humanities 
  • University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City 
  • University of finance-marketing
  • ........